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Greatman Autech Co., Ltd mainly manufactures oil filters, PP, PU, environmentalfriendly auto filters (AIR FILTER), Air-conditioning filters (CABIN FILTER), European and American paper core (ECO FILTER), in-tank fuel filters (FILTER ASSY-FUEL),etc. Greatman Autech Co., Ltd had passed ISO9001: 2000 Certification of quality management system. 

We are strictly operating as per the ISO/TS16949: 2002. We adopted the American and Korean high quality raw material and our products have been tested in Shanghai Internal-combustion Engine Testing Center and First Automobile of Changchun, all the indexes in the high grade. We mainly export to Europe, North & South America, Australia , South-East Asia market ,Africa and many other countries in the world. To meet demand of the market, Greatman Autech Co., Ltd keep developing new range of Filters, which are widely used in automobile, machinery, etc.



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What are the hydraulic system Filters? 

The hydraulic system Filter is composed of a network of hoses,valves,other components and piping which is mostly used in machinery. 

These systems can be very diverse and complex, but always work under the same principle: using an incompressible fluid under pressure.

Major Types of hydraulic filters:Filtration is the only defense against wear once contamination is present in the hydraulic system. Each type of filter in the system is designed to perform a specific job:

Suction Filter:removes the largest particles that may find its way into the reservoir; also known as strainers or safety filters.

Return Line Filter:removes the largest particles that may find its way into the reservoir; also known as strainers or safety filters.

Pressure Filter:designed to protect the most sensitive components at full system pressures.

Our extensive cross reference will offer you with a high quality top performing option to expensive OEM brands. Hydraulic filters, dielectric fluid filters ,and many others are available through our extensive & highly trained sales and production staff.

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